Nearly half of Wyoming wolf quotas still unfilled


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Wyoming’s wolf season has been on-going since September; however, Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) officials say that quotas have not yet been met in many of the available hunting areas. While some areas like Hunt Area 12 only opened to wolf hunting this week, other units have been open since Sept. 1. Regardless, whether or not quotas are filled, the primary wolf season will close on Dec. 31, the Sublette Examiner reports.

WGFD set the wolf quota at 58 animals for the 2018 season (with different limits in each hunt area) and, so far, only 16 wolves have been harvested, meaning that there’s still plenty of time—and opportunity—if you are interested in filling your tag.

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Please note that some areas like the Star Valley allow wolf hunting Oct. 15 through Feb. 28, 2019. This is because wolves in this area are considered predatory animals. Hunters are allowed to shoot one without a license March 1 through Oct. 14, but must report the kill to WGFD, according to the Sublette Examiner.

As of Oct. 23, here is the current wolf hunter harvest data:

Wolf Hunter Harvest Summary

Photo credit: WGFD

Obviously, you should check on the status of your specific hunt area to ensure that the quota still has not yet been met prior to heading out to hunt. To do this, call the Gray Wolf Mortality Hotline at 1-800-264-1280.

Good luck!



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