Montana group to hold public elk management meeting on Saturday

Photo credit: Dreamstime

On Saturday, you can join fellow stakeholders for a public form discussing elk management in Montana. The Montana Citizens Elk Management Coalition is sponsoring the gathering in Bozeman on Aug. 13 from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at the Rialto Theatre. 

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“The biggest thing we’re hoping for is a robust conversation,” Marcia Brownlee, a member of the coalition’s leadership committee, told the Montana Standard. 

Elk management in Montana has become a somewhat controversial topic. This forum opens the floor for landowners, biologists, outfitters and state legislators to discuss future management strategies prior to the 2023 season setting. 

Brownlee said that “talks have become heated at Fish and Wildlife Commission meetings, despite the fact that landowners, hunters and outfitters share a lot of common ground.” To add further fuel to the fire, in May, the United Property Owners of Montana filed a lawsuit that aims to “overturn hunting regulations and require the state’s wildlife agency to reduce elk populations,” according to the Montana Standard.

You must register to attend. If you cannot attend in person, it will be livestreamed. 

More details here


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