Men fined $20K for poached mule deer


Large mule deer buck poached
Photo credit: Getty Images

Two Wisconsin men have been fined $20,000 for using hunting licenses illegally transferred to them by local property owners in Wyoming where they killed three mule deer bucks last October. According to Wyoming Game and Fish Warden (WGFD) Jim Seeman, the men traveled to Sheridan knowing they did not have licenses with the intention to take the trophy animals.

Bob Schneeberger and James Kafka have both lost their hunting privileges for three years. Schneeberger, who killed one of the deer, must also pay $5,040 in fines and fees along with $2,000 in restitution for the animal while Kafka, who killed two deer, will pay $10,080 in fines and fees along with $4,000 in restitution.

“These kinds of crimes are so serious because they are taking the animals from all of us,” says Seeman. “Even if you aren’t a hunter, people live in Wyoming because they like to see the wildlife. (Schneeberger and Kafka) stole these animals from all of us.”

The men were caught when they tried to ship the animal heads back to Wisconsin. The shipping company contacted WGFD to report them. 

Chuck and Debra Belus, the ranch owners who knowingly transferred the licenses to the Wisconsin men, also pleaded guilty and were ordered to pay $400 in fines. They lost hunting privileges for three years.


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