Man survives grizzly attack in Shoshone National Forest

Photo credit: Thinkstock

A man was attacked by a grizzly bear while collecting survey data in Wyoming’s Shoshone National Forest last Saturday. The Wyoming Game and Fish Department (WGFD) reported the “surprise encounter,” which occurred in the Sheridan Creek drainage on the morning of Aug. 5, according to Buckrail.

During the close encounter, the man was unable to reach for his bear spray in time. Instead, once the bear attacked, the man said that “he dropped to the ground, covered his head and neck and did not fight back.” Regardless, he sustained serious injuries; however, he was able to call 911 after the attack. He was flown to a hospital for immediate care.

“First and foremost, we want to wish the individual a quick and successful recovery,” said Jason Hunter, WGFD’s Lander Regional Wildlife Supervisor. “His split-second reaction to this sudden, defensive encounter with a bear was the best possible response to this unfortunate situation.”

WGFD completed a drone survey following the attack, but didn’t see any signs of the bear. The agency doesn’t plan on taking further action regarding the incident.

Grizzly bears have increased their territory as the population continues to rise, leading to more sightings and potential for human-bear conflict, including a recent attack in Yellowstone and sightings in Montana’s Pryor Mountains where they haven’t been seen since the 1800s.


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