IDFG opens emergency feeding sites for deer and elk

Photo credit: Getty Images

Harsh winter conditions have resulted in emergency feeding stations for deer and elk in Idaho. On Feb. 3, the Idaho Department of Fish and Game (IDFG) established additional feed sites for deer and elk on the east and west sides of Bear Lake after consulting with the Southeast Region Winter Feeding Advisory Committee (WFAC), according to the agency.

All of the feed sites are on private property aside from those mentioned below. IDFG only uses these emergency feeding stations when there is concern about herd health, conflicts between animals in haystacks and feedlines and public safety issues between animals and roads. 

For deer, IDFG feedings sites are located in Bear Lake State Park on the east side of Bear Lake (two locations), the west side of Bear Lake (two locations), Indian Creek/Dry Canyon, Montpelier Canyon, Bloomington Canyon and St. Charles (lands managed by United States Forest Service and Idaho Department of Lands).

For elk, IDFG-approved feeding sites are located in Banks Valley, the Liberty area, Stockton Canyon and the Dayton area.

Additional high-priority feed sites have been identified and the next supply of feed is to be delivered on Feb. 15. Emergency feeding sites will remain active until WFAC and IDFG have determined they are no longer needed.


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