House passes Act that will fund school shooting sports courses

Photo credit: Brady Miller

In a nearly unanimous vote, the Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act (PHHEA) passed on Tuesday in the House, which is a 180-degree turn to the previous move to block federal funding for school shooting sports courses. PHHEA, which had bipartisan support with 216 Republicans and 208 Democrats voting in favor, will allow for the use of federal funds by elementary and secondary schools for courses like hunter’s education, archery and culinary arts (which is included because of the use of “dangerous weapons” or knives longer than 2.5”), according to FOX News.

This essentially blocks the previous interpretation of the 2022 Bipartisan Safer Communities Act (BSCA) by the Department of Education (DOE) that would have prohibited the use of these funds for this sort of extracurricular activity or course in schools.

“Hunters and fishers are the best conservationists,” said Rep. Mark Green, R-Tenn. “Hunting, whether it be with a firearm or bow, is one of the most effective ways to control wildlife populations, protect our beautiful lands, and connect with nature. My Protecting Hunting Heritage and Education Act is critical for our children.”

Green added that “American students should be encouraged to ‘participate in enriching athletic activities that foster an appreciation for nature and the ability to focus on a goal.’”

As GOHUNT previously reported, there are currently 1.3 million students from about 9,000 schools within 49 states enrolled in archery courses. Following the DOE decision, some schools already pulled archery and/or hunting education courses from their curriculum. To date, there is not an exact number of students affected by the DOE’s interpretation of BSCA.


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