Grand Teton closes areas to protect bighorn sheep

Photo Credit: Dreamstime

In an effort to give bighorn sheep space during these hard winter months, the Teton Range Bighorn Sheep Working Group is requesting that backcountry recreationists (including skiers, hikers, etc.) avoid sensitive bighorn sheep winter habitat in Grand Teton National Park. The key zones are easily found on a georeferenced map right here.

The Working Group includes Grand Teton National Park, Bridger-Teton National Forest, Caribou-Targhee National Forest and the Wyoming Game and Fish Department.  

“Bighorn sheep have occupied the Teton Mountain Range for thousands of years, but today this native population is small, isolated from other nearby populations and at risk of local extinction,” states the Working Group in a press release. “Challenges for this native herd continue to increase and public land managers, as well as public land users, have a critical role to play in their future survival.”

There is still plenty of space for skiing and backcountry adventures in the Teton Range even while avoiding these key bighorn sheep areas. Simply plan ahead and note which areas to avoid during your next trip. To stay on top of seasonal closures, click here.

Additionally, should you spot a bighorn sheep, the park is asking that you report your sighting by calling 307-739-3488.


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