Early application numbers from the 2021 Montana deer and elk draw

2021 Montana deer elk application numbers

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One of the most anticipated draws of the year, Montana, has finally completed and hunters across the globe are jumping for joy or crying in sorrow. On April 14 the state conducted its drawing process for the nonresident combination licenses and well as special deer and elk permits. 

What is great about Montana, they completed their draw and provided results an amazing 12 DAYS after the application deadline! 

The state recently released a news article detailing some of the applicant numbers for the 2021 season and they are staggering, to say the least. Hunters came out in record numbers this year with a 12.48% increase in resident applicants and a 29.52% increase in nonresident applicants for special deer and elk permits alone. The state did not quantify the number of applicants who applied for the nonresident combination licenses but it is safe to assume that the number will be much higher than last year. 

“I thank our customers for adapting and working with us. We know the change has presented challenges to some,” said Montana Fish, Wildlife & Parks director Hank Worsech. “You can now start the fun of the planning process with your family and friends!”

Montana has been loading a big emphasis on the customer service and experience side of their business and has made some big improvements this year. “Making sure people had a good experience was a huge team effort from our staff across the state,” Worsech said. “We’re investing a lot of time and effort in customer service. This year was a great example, and we look to improve even more.”

You can check your draw results here.

Reminder: The deadline to apply for Montana moose, sheep, goat, and bison permits is May 1 and the deadline to apply for deer B, elk B, and antelope licenses is June 1.

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