Your chance to win the Ultimate Gear Giveaway from Randy Newberg!

January 30 update: Winners have been announced. See the bottom of the article for a full list of winners.

We've teamed up with Randy Newberg for the Ultimate Gear Giveaway valued at over $9,000!

The giveaway runs from January 9 until January 22, 2023.

Watch the video below to see everything the grand prize person will win:


  • 1st place: will win over $7,000 in gear
    • See all the gear the first place winner receives at the bottom of the article
  • 2nd place: $500 gift card to the GOHUNT Gear Shop
  • 3rd place: $250 gift card to the GOHUNT Gear Shop

Additional winners:

In total there will be 23 winners! Total Giveaway Value: $9,644.90

How to gain entries

There are several ways to gain entries for this giveaway:

Insider Membership

GOHUNT Gear Shop

OutdoorClass Membership

If you're unfamiliar with OutdoorClass, it's a learning platform built for hunters of all levels to learn and refine their skills. In OutdoorClass you'll find courses from experts like Randy Newberg, Remi Warren, Hank Shaw, and more!

Giveaway items

The first place winner will receive the following pieces of gear:


Mystery Ranch

Sitka Gear




Caribou Game Bags

Remember the giveaway runs from January 9 until January 22, 2023 and there's several ways to gain entries. Best of luck!

Learn more about this Ultimate Gear Giveaway here

Ultimate Gear Giveaway Winners

Winner list

NameItem won

Zane Hyr.

Grand Prize Package

Justin Ste.

$500 GOHUNT Gift Card

Cam Sto.

$250 GOHUNT Gift Card

Casey Gre.

Outdoorclass Membership

Jamison Cre.

Outdoorclass Membership

David Bac.

Outdoorclass Membership

Michael Mal.

Outdoorclass Membership

Clay Far.

Outdoorclass Membership

Carl Het.

Outdoorclass Membership

Jeff Dur.

Outdoorclass Membership

Justin Mon.

Outdoorclass Membership

Mark Lan.

Outdoorclass Membership

Michael Sch.

Outdoorclass Membership

Michael Hol.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Mark Mye.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Riley Pow.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Todd Eri.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Todd Gre.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Wyatt Nic.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Anthony Cha.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Chris Lut.

Fresh Tracks Membership

Christopher Cro.

Fresh Tracks Membership

John Gun.

Fresh Tracks Membership


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