Bowhunter arrows possible new P&Y record elk

Pciture of record elk
Photo credits: B&C Facebook

A lucky Montana bowhunter may be the new world-record holder of the largest bull elk – one that dwarfs the previous record and, quite possibly, is the largest typical bull elk to be harvested in almost 50 years. The Boone & Crockett Club (B&C) and Pope & Young (P&Y) Club confirmed the big bull’s existence last week.

According to a press release issued by both organizations, the elk’s B&C green score was an impressive 429-6/8 net and 448-4/8 gross, significantly larger than the previous P&Y world record of 412-1/8 points in 2005.

“The antlers need to complete a required 60-day drying period before they can be officially scored,” says B&C’s Director of Big Game Records Justin Spring. “But a senior B&C Measurer taped the bull, so we’re confident with the green score.”

The hunter, who wishes to remain anonymous, spent several days packing out the bull before taking it to a taxidermist, who determined the rough score. The taxidermist recommended contacting a B&C Official Measurer.

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“After meeting the hunter, hearing the story, and seeing the photos,” says Spring. “I knew this was a special animal and a historic moment in big game hunting and conservation. I immediately contacted P&Y.”

Joe Bell, Pope and Young’s Executive Director agrees with Spring’s assessment, and says, “Any game animal taken in an ethical, sportsmanship-like manner is a trophy worth honoring. However, some specimens are remarkable, not only for their size, but how they symbolize successful conservation efforts. The existence of outstanding specimens like this incredible animal is testament that today's hunters, wildlife professionals, and conservation organizations are achieving tremendous success by practicing sound conservation and wildlife-management programs.”

Want to see more pictures of the record-breaking elk? Visit the B&C Facebook page.


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