New bill aims to end mountain lion hunting in Colorado

Photo credit: Dreamstime

A new bill aims to end mountain lion hunting in Colorado. If approved, Senate Bill 22-031 would ban all recreational hunting and trapping of mountain lions, bobcats and Canada lynx. While Canada lynx are currently protected, the blanket bill would preclude them in case they were ever delisted.

“Colorado hunters have been under attack by animal-rights activists for years. This bill isn’t just a Colorado issue, and it’s not just a predator-hunting issue,” said Brian Lynn, vice president of communications for the Sportsmen’s Alliance. “Senate Bill 22-0331 is an issue for every deer and elk hunter in Colorado, and for every nonresident hunter who has dreamed, saved money for and plans to hunt the state in the future.”

If SB 22-031 becomes law, the only legal way a person could kill a mountain lion, bobcat or lynx would be if they were “in immediate threat of harm” or if the animal “presents an immediate threat to livestock,” according to the Sportsmen’s Alliance. Problem animals would be trapped and relocated rather than lethally removed.  Violators could face fines of $500 to $2,000 plus additional restitution fees of up to $1,000 as well as jail time and suspension of their hunting licenses for up to five years.

Voice your concern and email or call Colorado Senators

The bill is currently circulating within the Senate Agriculture and Natural Resources Committee. 

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