50 States, 50 Points, 50 Bucks

Fall is here! And that means hunting season is in full swing. We want everyone to have an amazing fall... and to help hunters prepare for their hunts, we've brought back our 50/50/50 promotion! 

For a limited time, if you sign up for our maps membership Explorer on our website using code FALL50, you'll get access to maps in ALL 50 STATES, plus we will give you 50 POINTS to the GOHUNT Gear Shop... all for only $50 per year.

So again, when you sign up for Explorer you'll not only get access to maps for all 50 states, but we are giving you 50 points to the GOHUNT Gear Shop. Remember, 1 point equals $1, so that's $50 you can spend with us on gear! Learn more about our gear rewards here. This means you're basically getting maps for free as you're able to pick up gear with the 50 points we are giving you to use in our Gear Shop. Both maps and gear will greatly help you on your upcoming hunts!

Learn more about Explorer here

There’s no better time than now to dive into GOHUNT Maps to plan for your upcoming hunt. Remember to use code FALL50 when signing up for Explorer on the website and for only $50, you get maps for all 50 states AND you get 50 points back to the GOHUNT Gear Shop. That right there pays for the membership!

Once you become an Explorer member, be sure to check out this article/video here to learn how to transfer all your waypoints from other sources into GOHUNT Maps.

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