100 April Phone Skope winners

Phone Skope giveaway winners

After months of giving away awesome prizes in small quantities, we really wanted to switch it up this time and give our winners the best of both worlds. Awesome prizes in a huge quantity — congratulations to the 100 WINNERS of this month's INSIDER Phone Skope giveaway! You will be receiving an email from us soon.

Every month all of our INSIDER members are automatically entered into the drawings, and a lucky handful (in this case, a huge handful) are then randomly chosen to get top-of-the-line optics and apparel, custom rifles and even landowner tags. 

100 Phone Skope winners






Tom J.Idaho Patrick B.Utah
Amber D.Utah Shay J.Utah
Steve M.Oregon Jorday G.Utah
Doug C.Wyoming Try S.Utah
Matt H.California Joe K.Wyoming
Jeffrey E.Nevada Mike C.Washington
Dustin W.California Steve M.Oregon
Sheldon A.Oregon Don D.Georgia
Tyler H.California Lance B.Utah
Tom A.Georgia Trevor M.Utah
Jay R.Idaho Jantzen B.Utah
Mike S.British Columbia Wesley S.Utah
Todd C.California Kenneth L.Nevada
Colton H.Utah Lee T.Virginia
Jim M.Oregon Matt M.Idaho
Isaac F.New Mexico Michael B.Nebraska
Greg S.Arizona Jason S.Utah
Jeremiah V.California Michael P.Nevada
Raegen S.Wyoming Joe V.California
Tom M.Colorado Kurt K.Arizona
Barry L.California Destry D.Montana
John H.Washington Lance K.Montana
Kurt K.Wisconsin William K.Pennsylvania
Rick D.Colorado Tyler A.Utah
Doug R.Colorado Jay S.Arizona
Jake M.California Vince C.California
John B.California Larry S.Utah
Todd S.Utah Jason M.Oregon
TJ B.Utah Chris D.Arizona
Rudy M.California Cody A.Pennsylvania
Rick K.Nebraska Brandon B.Oklahoma
Gary S.Arizona Brandon R.Nevada
Steve B.California Steve E.Utah
Shawn N.Nevada Allen C.Indiana
Rowdy S.Utah Joel B.Indiana
Heath T.Arizona Bowdy S.Utah
Mark F.Washington Darrin E.California
Dwayne A.Utah Fred M.Nevada
Vince H.Nevada Karson S.Utah
Jim H.Wisconsin Stephen A.Minnesota
Gary M.Utah William M.California
Mike B.South Dakota James T.Utah
Nevin J.Utah Jason D.North Dakota
Nick M.Nevada Henry G.Montana
David S.Minnesota Jacob W.Texas
Garrett G.Colorado Blake D.Utah
Dave M.Colorado Jerron G.Utah
Blaze S.Idaho Greg H.California
Cody F.Nebraska Brian F.Idaho
Don T.Utah Jared Z.Utah


If you missed the chance to be entered into April's drawing — don't worry. Our prizes are only getting better every month, and as an INSIDER member you're automatically entered for a chance to win these cool prizes every month. Luckily, there is still time to qualify for our May drawing. We are giving away three Zeiss Victory DiaScope 85 T* FL spotting scopes and three tripods to go with them, leaving our winners with great spotting scopes and tripods just in time for scouting season.

May Zeiss Optics INSIDER giveaway

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Not only will members qualify for a chance at our May drawing, but will receive all of the other great things that INSIDER has to offer. See the full list of benefits that members have access to below: 



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