The final phase of getting an elk tag — Trail needs an elk tag: Part 3

We made it to the final video of the Trail Needs An Elk Tag series, and if you are anything like Trail, you are definitely going elk hunting this year, even if you didn't draw a tag earlier this spring. In this video, Trail breaks down which over-the-counter opportunity he's picking up and his final preparation when mapping out the unit he decided to go with.

If you missed the earlier parts of this series, you can find more information below:

Part 1

Part one of this series showcases how to find different over-the-counter opportunities (OTC) using our Insider research platform, mainly Filtering 2.0, Application Strategy articles, and many more tools available on GOHUNT. Check out part one below:

Part 1: How to find an elk tag

Part 2

Part two covered how Trail goes about finding elk using maps. From the layers he uses and the different techniques he has implemented to build a plan for this year's hunt.

Part 2: Mapping public land elk

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