Randy Newberg's strategy for how to hunt elk every year

Our good friend Randy Newberg goes over his short term, midterm, and long term plan for getting elk tags across the West. Go elk hunting every year with the help of goHUNT INSIDER! The 2021 hunting season will be here before you know it, and there's no better time to get prepared than now!

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If you want a closer look at the graphic Randy created, you can check that out below.

Hunt every year as a nonresident

Using short, mid and long term plan
(If cow elk are your target, way more options)

 Short term
(0-4 years)
Mid term
(5-9 years)
Long term
(10+ years)
ArizonaLO hunts
Late archery
Late rifleArchery
Early firearms
1st rifle in
many units
archery, muzzy, 1st rifle
in many units
NW units
Unit 61/76
IdahoOTC/GeneralControlled huntsControlled hunts
MontanaGeneralLE - archeryLE - rifle
Nevada----Any elk hunt
New MexicoLate archery1st archery,
some rifle
13, 15, 17, 34, 36
Spike only
HAMSAny LE elk hunt
WyomingGeneralLE - archery
LE - rifle
LE - Rifle




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