Preparing for the 2016 application season

2016 application strategy article overview

During a recent company meeting we collectively paused to reflect on all the change that has taken place at goHUNT over the last year. It was amazing to think of all the changes and enhancements that we have gone through. We took pride in the new changes that are currently being released before the end of 2015. These new changes are undergoing a series of rigorous testing protocols prior to being released to the INSIDER membership. The point here is that we at goHUNT are never satisfied and we will always look to improve what we provide.

We now cover eight western states on INSIDER. Hopefully you have had the time to get acquainted with our recently launched Filtering 2.0 enhancement. This was a major milestone for us at goHUNT, and an incredible research tool for you. Filtering 2.0 is an industry first that provides you with the ability to search for season choices that meet your criteria. You can now filter seasons by state, species, weapon type, trophy potential, dates of availability, harvest success and male:female ratios. In addition, you can search for over-the-counter only options if desired. This is revolutionary in helping you to take literally thousands of choices and narrow it down to only a few. Think of the time and money this could potentially save a Western hunter! You can check out more information on INSIDER enhancements on Lorenzo's recent inSIGHTs article.

The 2016 application season

The best way to gain an understanding of how a state’s draw system works is to pay close attention to our application strategy articles that will be available from January through May. These articles are strategically released to coincide with upcoming hunt application deadlines across the states that we cover.

If you’re unfamiliar with our application strategy articles, you will quickly realize we do things a little differently. These application strategy articles are focused on how you can gain an edge and they provide important graphics to help you understand key information.

Examples of past INSIDER application graphics

Example of INSIDER application strategy graphics

Example of INSIDER application strategy graphics

2016 INSIDER application strategy articles

Below is the scheduled application strategy article release date and tentative state deadlines. We release the INSIDER application strategy articles three weeks before the state deadlines. This give you plenty of time to check out the new regulation, unit boundary, and tag allocation changes before you try to draw your dream tag.

2016 INSIDER application strategy calendar



Strategy article
release week

Tentative application
WyomingElkJanuary 7February 1
ArizonaElk, antelopeJanuary 21February 9
WyomingMoose, sheep,
February 4February 29
UtahAll speciesFebruary 11March 3
MontanaDeer, elkMid FebruaryMarch 15
New MexicoAll speciesFebruary 25March 23
ColoradoAll speciesEarly MarchApril 5
NevadaAll speciesLate MarchApril 18
IdahoMoose, sheep,
Early AprilApril 30
MontanaMoose, sheep,
Early AprilMay 2
OregonAll species May 15
WashingtonAll species May 18
WyomingDeer, antelopeEarly MayMay 31
MontanaAntelopeEarly MayJune 1
CaliforniaApp species June 2
IdahoDeer, elk,
Mid MayJune 4
ArizonaDeer, sheepMid MayJune 14


You can look back at our 2015 application strategy articles below

2015 INSIDER application strategy articles



2015 Arizona elk and antelope2015 Colorado deer, elk, antelope
2015 Arizona deer, sheep, bison2015 Colorado sheep, moose, goat



2015 Idaho moose, sheep, goat2015 Montana deer and elk
2015 Idaho deer, elk, antelope2015 Montana moose, sheep, goat, bison
 2015 Montana antelope


New Mexico

2015 Nevada mule deer guided draw2015 New Mexico deer, elk, antelope
2015 Nevada mule deer, elk, antelope2015 New Mexico sheep and exotics
2015 Nevada sheep and goat 



2015 Utah sheep, moose, goat bison2015 Wyoming elk
2015 Utah elk and antelope2015 Wyoming sheep, moose, goat
2015 Utah mule deer2015 Wyoming deer and antelope


Although it will seem overwhelming as we unleash a barrage of application strategy articles during the winter and spring months, it is important to understand that these pieces will be your resource to gain an understanding of everything you need to know about a given state. We will inform you of new unit boundary changes, new seasons offered in units, or even cancelled seasons. You will also learn of the areas within each state that have been producing trophies, and areas that may be under producing.

We will provide you with areas to consider to help you narrow your search for that amazing hunt. Also included within these Application Strategy articles will be a complete explanation of the draw process. Gaining an understanding of the various draw process is your key to finding success in the draw. Remember that knowledge is power, and this knowledge can give you the power to beat the draw systems.


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