Information you need when applying for New Mexico's guide draw

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If you have plans to hunt in New Mexico in 2023 with an outfitter and are looking for a way to improve your odds of drawing a tag, the New Mexico guide draw is a great way to increase your chances! The deadline to apply for all species in New Mexico is March 22, 2023 at 5 p.m. MST. This deadline is also the last day for the guided draw, too. You can apply online here.

What exactly is the New Mexico guide draw?

Every year, New Mexico allocates a certain number of tags that are available for residents and nonresident applicants who apply through a licensed New Mexico outfitter. In the draw, 84% of the licenses are allocated to residents, 6% are allocated to nonresidents and 10% are allocated to applicants who apply with an outfitter in the guide draw.

10 % drawing pool in the New Mexico guide draw

New Mexico’s draw allocates up to 10% of all available big game licenses for each hunt code to someone applying through a licensed New Mexico outfitter. To apply in the 10% special drawing pool, a New Mexico outfitter shall execute a written contract with each applicant. Contracts must be signed and dated by all parties prior to applying in the guide draw. Note: It is unlawful for an outfitter or guide to contract with themselves or to guide themselves. A New Mexico outfitter may release a contracted hunter-client to another New Mexico outfitter provided that the original contract was valid, in place prior to the application deadline and only if it is mutually agreed upon and signed by all parties.

Additional information

A New Mexico outfitter shall ensure that each hunter-client who obtains a license through the 10% special drawing pool is accompanied by the outfitter or their registered guide for at least two days during the contracted dates of the hunt in the area where the hunter's license is valid. Accompanied means that the outfitter or their registered guide physically escort the hunter in the field during the hunter’s license hunt dates.

A hunter-client who obtains a license through the 10% guide draw and chooses to hunt beyond their contracted hunt dates must carry a copy of the contract while hunting if it had not been submitted electronically to the registrar at least 48 hours prior to the scheduled hunt. As stated above, it is unlawful to hunt with a license obtained through the 10% special drawing pool without being accompanied by — and contracted with — a New Mexico Outfitter or their guide for at least two days during the hunt. The guide must accompany the hunter the first two days of their hunt.

Contracts are required by law. In an effort to protect both parties, contracts must designate the terms, hunt dates, guide to hunter-client ratio and compensation charged. Contracts must be signed prior to applying in the draw or for private land hunts, prior to hunting. Read the contract carefully before signing it. The outfitter is only legally required to provide what is in the contract.

Benefits of the guided draw

Draw odds can be significantly better in the New Mexico guide draw because fewer applicants are willing or able to apply with an outfitter.

If you apply in New Mexico with the mindset that when you draw, you'll use an outfitter, then the guide draw is for you. Additionally, an outfitter will be able to help you in selecting a unit that may fit your goals and objectives. Having a guide in your corner will also greatly improve your chances of harvesting an animal that meets your expectations.

Required steps to take for applying in the guide draw

  • To apply in the 10% guided draw, you need a registered New Mexico outfitter to execute a written contract with each special drawing pool applicant. Contracts must be signed and dated by all parties prior to application for any special drawing pool license.
  • Next, apply online like normal here.
  • Then once you get into the draw, select your species, and hunt. Make sure that you select yes under the "Enter Outfitter Info For Outfitted Hunts Only."

Entering the New Mexico Guided Draw

  • This will open up a new section. There, you will check the box that you have a signed contract with the outfitter and you'll enter in the outfitter number.

New Mexico outfitter info for guided hunts

  • Next, you just need to fill out the carcass tag requirement, add to cart and check out.

Finding draw odds on Insider is super easy!

You can see the draw odds for the New Mexico guided draw on our standalone Draw Odds page or you can see the guided draw odds on Filtering 2.0. Once you're on either of those pages, you will select New Mexico and then Guided. From there, just select the species you're interested in.

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The Draw

We realize that it can be hard to find the right guide/outfitter for your hunt. If you are looking for additional information to apply in the New Mexico guide draw, The Draw website and a short call with one of their consultants can be very helpful in selecting a guide, picking a hunt and even applying for you if you are short on time.

Learn more about The Draw here

We have had a great relationship with Jordan Christensen at The Draw. Give him or any of the consultants a call to find a guide for your next New Mexico hunt at (575) 222-1234.

New Mexico Business Members in the 2023 Guided Draw

The outfitters listed at the top of this link are Business Members that we work with closely. You can contact them directly to get started on the process of applying for the New Mexico guided draw.

New Mexico GOHUNT Business Members


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