How to look up your Kansas preference points

How to look up your Kansas preference points

There are several different methods to check your Kansas preference points. Each way will get you there in the end.

If you want to save a few steps, click on the button below to jump to your Kansas login page. You can then skip ahead to Step 3.

DIRECT LINK Kansas login page

Step 1

Navigate to Kansas Wildlife Parks and Tourism homepage.

Step 2

Hover over “Licenses and Permits” on the main navigation bar and then click on “Buy Licenses and Permits.”

Kansas buy hunting license and permits section

Step 3

You will then land on the Kansas Hunt Fish Camp login page. 

Or sometimes you might land on the main page by just clicking this direct link. If you click on that direct link, you will now need to click on “Sign In Or Create Account” in the upper right.

Kansas Hunt Fish Camp login page

Step 4

This is the page where you'll enter your custom information. You can either sign in using an identifier or click on "Email." Below is the view if you logging in using an identifier.

 Kansas hunting main login page

Sometimes I find it easier to just login by using the “Email” tab that is directly to the right of the "IDENTIFIER." Below is the view when logging in using and email and password. If you want to go the email route, now enter your login email address and password and click on the “Sign In” button.

Kansas hunting main login page using email

Step 5

Now you will need to confirm some of your account details.

Confirming Kansas account information

Once you have confirmed your account details, scroll down to the bottom and click on “Confirm Details”

Step 6

Now you have finally arrived on your account page. From here, just click on “My Preference Points” on the left menu bar.

Kansas hunting account page

Step 7

Now you will be able to see your Kansas preference points.

Looking up Kansas hunting preference points

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If you want to look up points in other states, be sure to check out the main directory article below:

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