HOW TO — Go elk hunting this year

Do you want to hunt elk this year? In this video, Trail Kreitzer goes over six different western states to choose from to help you hunt elk this year and for years to come! All of this information can easily be accessed more in-depth on INSIDER.

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States covered:

Note: We didn't talk about Idaho here because those OTC permits went on sale December 1 of 2021 and we covered that process heavily here before those tags went on sale. Idaho has been putting their OTC licenses on sale December 1, the year prior to the hunt dates. So if you wanted to hunt the fall of 2022, you would have needed to buy the OTC license on that December 1 date of 2021. The past two years those licenses have sold out within the day. Idaho used to be a great backup type of opportunity for nonresidents, but that is unfortunately no longer the case if you miss that first day when they go on sale. It's a great state, but you have to plan ahead!

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