How to find quality big game hunts close to home

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How To Find Hunts Close to Home

When it comes to big game hunting, success comes in many forms. In many cases, success can be found right out your back door with a little preparation and understanding of your area. In just a few clicks, our Insider research platform will help you find all of the opportunities that meet your criteria – both near and far. Follow the steps below to uncover opportunities in your state.

Open Filtering 2.0 at, select your State and Species

Think of Filtering 2.0 as “Zillow for hunting.” This tool allows you to put in your hunting criteria and will display all of the units that fit the mold. To get to Filtering 2.0, head to and select “Filtering 2.0” from the Tools dropdown.

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View A Sample Unit Profile

Select your Tag or Permit

If you’ve got a tag in your pocket or if you're interested in hunting certain seasons, the next step is to specify which opportunities you’re allowed to hunt with it. For now, skip over the Trophy Potential and Draw Odds filters, and head down to Seasons/Dates.

Once you’ve selected your permit, you’ll start to see the magic of filtering by only showing the units your permit applies to.

Add Filters to Meet Your Criteria

The next step is where you define criteria about specific areas, and we show you every unit that meets your criteria. Add filters like male:female ratios, trophy quality, harvest success rates, and more! 

Click a Unit To Learn More

Once you’ve filtered down your options, you are left with a list on the righthand side, and the map view of every unit that meets these criteria. Click into a unit to learn more.

Check Out the Unit Profile

Sick of scouring forums for information on your unit? Our proprietary Unit Profiles feature written information for every species, from hunters who have been to the unit before. This includes a Unit Overview, Terrain, Photos, species-specific reports, and more from this unit. You can even view questions from other members and ask questions you have.

If you want to see how you can use Filtering 2.0 to your advantage to find more hunting opportunities, check out this great article here. And for more tips on finding opportunities in your home state, you can review this great article by Brady.

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