List of returned Idaho general season tags — Late October 2023

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The previous October 5 Idaho returned tag sale date was canceled by Idaho Fish and Game. But... there are a few 2023 leftover tags available this week in Idaho. If you've been following along, this is the ninth and LAST period for Idaho's returned general season sold-out deer and elk tags. Also available this week are some returned controlled hunt deer and elk tags. The tags listed below were the latest information from Oct. 17 at 7:45 p.m. MT.

General season tags

Again, on the October 19 general season return sale date in Idaho at 10:00 a.m. MT, there are some tags available.

  • A tag can be purchased for any of the units listed in the tables below
  • Individual unit tag counts are a not-to-exceed limit.
  • NOTE: This is also when a resident can buy one unsold nonresident general season deer and elk tag at the nonresident price. So, a resident can pick up a second tag, AND ALSO, a nonresident can pick up a second tag. So you could have two deer tags or two elk tags.

You can get additional information here if you don't know how Idaho's process works for picking up a tag.

Returned sold-out tags

Available tags will be listed here on Idaho's 2023 returned tag page.

The list of available tags for that period will be made available two days before the sale opens at 10:00 a.m. These tags will be available online on a first-come, first-served basis, and they will sell out quickly!

Before the October 19 sale date, it's a great idea to do some research on both Filtering 2.0 and GOHUNT Maps to see what units you are interested in. Jump over to those research tools below: 

Research on Filtering 2.0 here Research on GOHUNT Maps

Below is a list of remaining returned tag dates:

Idaho's remaining returned sold-out tag dates for 2023

Sale date
(10:00 a.m. MT)
Date to view available tags
(10:00 a.m. MT)
October 19October 17

Pick up an available tag here once available

General season elk tags that are available

A total of 81 elk tags are available.

This table combines the existing capped elk zones AND the new limited elk zones to simplify finding the amount of tags per elk zone and tag type. The new limits do not apply to capped elk zones.

The limited elk zones include nonresident non-outfitted and nonresident outfitted tags.

Nonresident returned elk tags

Elk Zone TypeTag LimitTags Remaining
Bannock — A Tag1761
Beaverhead — A Tag2651
Boise River — B Tag3421
Lolo — B Tag *22281
McCall — A Tag3463
McCall — B Tag32068
Palisades — B Tag381
Palouse — B Tag1891
Panhandle — A Tag6431
Panhandle — B Tag11094
Sawtooth — B Tag *1971
Selway — A Tag *25481
Selway — B Tag *28425
Smoky - Bennett — B Tag *61
Snake River — A Tag
- ^ Archery and Short-ranged only
Weiser River — B Tag *4301

* Indicates a capped elk zone. These capped tags are set during season setting in March.
- ^ Indicates no "any weapon" season.

General deer tags that are available

A total of 14 deer tags are available.

The nonresident regular deer tag limits listed below includes nonresident non-outfitted and nonresident outfitted tags.

Nonresident returned deer tags

UnitTag LimitTags Remaining
Unit 8A571
Unit 15762
Unit 21A1081
Unit 231722
Unit 281991
Unit 291312
Unit 30A171
Unit 361132
Unit 36A611
Unit 491941

Reserved whitetail deer tags that are available

The nonresident whitetail deer tag limits listed below include nonresident non-outfitted and nonresident outfitted tags.

Nonresident reserved whitetail deer tags

UnitTag LimitTags Remaining
Unit 161301
Unit 21101
Unit 23521
Unit 30311
Unit 5041

* Reserved Whitetail deer tags become available after the main quota of 14,000 has sold out. Count includes outfitter and non-outfitted tags.

Controlled hunt tags that are available

2023 Controlled hunt leftover tags


Returned resident sold-out tags that are available

Resident returned capped sold-out elk tags

UnitTag LimitTag Remaining
Dworshak Zone – B Tag2,11813
Elk City Zone – B Tag1,13110
Lolo Zone – B Tag630195
Middle Fork Zone – A Tag1,168894
Middle Fork Zone – B Tag925291
Salmon Zone – B Tag1,79221
Sawtooth Zone – B Tag **1,5227
Selway Zone – A Tag1793

** Initial sale of Resident Sawtooth Zone A and B tags are sold separately from other resident tag sales on 7/12/2023, two days after other resident capped tags. Returned Sawtooth A and B tags will be sold together on scheduled Returned Tag Sale dates.

Pick up an available tag once available here


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