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2020 Utah Leftover Hunting Permit List

2020 Utah leftover hunting permits

There are a few options remaining if you'd like to hunt mule deer in Utah this fall. In total, there are 909 leftover general season tags that are up for grabs starting July 21 at 8 a.m. In addition to that number, there is also 3,250 youth-only archery general season deer tags. The list of available licenses can be found in the tables below with more information on trophy potentials, season dates, male:female ratios, and links to all of the Unit Profiles. Also, general season bull elk permits are available starting July 16 at 8 a.m.

Remember, as of July 1, nonresident fees increased in Utah. Learn more about the fee increase here.

Note: New for 2020, if you purchase a general season leftover buck deer permit that’s available after the big game drawing, you will lose any preference points you’ve accrued for general season buck deer.

You must have a valid hunting license or a combination license. Note: Due to COVID-19, all permit sales will be done online only.

Utah does not actively update their leftover permit numbers after they go on sale, but you can see the number of remaining permits when you go online to purchase one.

General-season buck deer leftover permits remaining

Available on July 21, 2020 at 8 a.m.
WeaponSeason datesNumber available
DB1561Box Elder170"+14:100MuzzleloaderSept. 23-Oct. 1, 2020Sold out
DB1565Chalk Creek/East Canyon/
Morgan, South Rich
170"26:100MuzzleloaderSept. 23-Oct. 1, 2020Sold out
DB1568Kamas170"20:100MuzzleloaderSept. 23-Oct. 1, 2020Sold out
DB1586Wasatch Mtns, West170"--MuzzleloaderSept. 23-Oct. 1, 2020Sold out


General-season bull elk permits available

Available on July 16, 2020 at 8 a.m.
UnitWeaponSeason datesNumber available
Spike-only unitsAny legal weapon/
Any legal weapon: Oct. 3-15, 2020
Muzzleloader: Oct. 28-Nov. 5, 2020
Multi-season: Aug. 15–Sept. 4, Oct. 3–Oct. 15,
Oct. 28–Nov. 5, 2020
2,454 as of July 19
Any-bull unitsAny legal weapon/
Any legal weapon: Oct. 3-15, 2020
Muzzleloader: Oct. 28-Nov. 5, 2020
Multi-season: Aug. 15–Sept. 11, Oct. 3–Oct. 15,
Oct. 28–Nov. 5, 2020
EB1005Bull elkArcherySpike: Aug. 15-Sept. 4, 2020
Any bull: Aug. 15-Sept. 11, 2020
Not limited


Youth archery general-season deer leftover permits remaining*

Available on July 21, 2020 at 8 a.m.
UnitSeason datesNumber available
BeaverAug. 15-Sept. 1184
Box ElderAug. 17-Sept. 13148
CacheAug. 15-Sept. 11200
Central Mtns, Manti/
San Rafael
Aug. 15-Sept. 11324
Central Mtns, NeboAug. 15-Sept. 11164
Chalk Creek/E. Canyon/
Morgan-S. Rich
Aug. 15-Sept. 11324
FillmoreAug. 15-Sept. 1148
KamasAug. 15-Sept. 11132
La Sal, La Sal MtnsAug. 15-Sept. 1148
MonroeAug. 15-Sept. 1136
Mt DuttonAug. 15-Sept. 1122
Nine MileAug. 15-Sept. 1166
North SlopeAug. 15-Sept. 11140
OgdenAug. 15-Sept. 1192
Oquirrh-StanburyAug. 15-Sept. 1180
Panguitch LakeAug. 15-Sept. 1188
Pine ValleyAug. 15-Sept. 11180
Plateau, Boulder/
Aug. 15-Sept. 1148
Plateau, FishlakeAug. 15-Sept. 1138
Plateau, Thousand LakesAug. 15-Sept. 1115
San Juan, Abajo MtnsAug. 15-Sept. 1182
South Slope, Bonanza/
Aug. 15-Sept. 1190
South Slope,
Aug. 15-Sept. 1163
Southwest DesertAug. 15-Sept. 1132
Wasatch Mtns, EastAug. 15-Sept. 11170
Wasatch Mtns, WestAug. 15-Sept. 11324
West Desert, TinticAug. 15-Sept. 1136
West Desert, WestAug. 15-Sept. 1124
ZionAug. 15-Sept. 11152

Note: These are bonus quotas of youth archery permits allocated in addition to the big game draw permits.)
* Youth must be 17 years old or younger on July 31, 2020 to purchase these permits.

Purchase leftover Utah tags once they are available here


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