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2020 Idaho nonresident OTC hunting tag list

Idaho 2020 general season tag purchase

The time to start planning out your 2020 hunting season is finally here! If you're considering hunting Idaho in 2020, don't delay on purchasing your over-the-counter general season tag! Some of these tags sell out very fast. 

All of the tags listed below are available to nonresidents starting on December 1, 2019, for the 2020 season. So you can start to pick up your tag right after midnight on Saturday night.

2020 quotas for nonresident general season tags are:

  • 12,815 nonresident elk tags
  • 14,000 nonresident regular and whitetail deer tags
  • 1,500 nonresident whitetail deer tags (additional tags available when the regular/whitetail tags sell out)

These over-the-counter tags are reserved for nonresidents through July 31, 2020. After that date, any unsold tags beginning on August 1 are then available as second tags to everyone (residents and nonresidents).

Purchase your 2020 tag here

The tables below will be updated periodically throughout the 2020 season. If you need help researching your options, be sure to jump over to Filtering 2.0 to learn more.

2020 nonresident deer and elk tag quotas

2020 Idaho Deer Tags

Tag TypeQuotaAvailable as of
Dec. 26, 2019
Regular (both) deer
and/or whitetail deer**
Reserved whitetail deer*1,5001,500


2020 Idaho Elk Tags

Tag TypeQuotaAvailableAvailable as of
Dec. 26, 2019
Zone elk A and B

2020 Nonresident capped elk tags

(A subset of the total quota)

Elk Zone Name - 
Tag Type
Quota12/1/19 update on
available tags
Available as of
Dec. 26, 2019
Bear River Zone - B Tag55Sold OutSold Out
Big Desert Zone - B Tag55Sold Out
Diamond Creek Zone - A Tag459Sold OutSold Out
Dworshak Zone - B Tag215215150
Elk City Zone - A Tag777744
Elk City Zone - B Tag26126166
Lolo Zone - A Tag216216202
Lolo Zone - B Tag222222194
Middle Fork Zone - A Tag174174134
Middle Fork Zone - B Tag267267200
Pioneer Zone - B Tag12Sold OutSold Out
Salmon Zone - B Tag627627Sold Out
Sawtooth Zone - A Tag77Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Sawtooth Zone - B Tag197Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Selway Zone - A Tag254254242
Selway Zone - B Tag284284144
Smoky-Bennett Zone - B Tag2222Sold Out
South Hills Zone - B Tag77Sold Out
Weiser River Zone - B Tag430430351

Note: Nonresident lifetime hunting/combination license holders must purchase capped zone elk tags during the resident tag sale.

*Reserved White-tailed Deer tags become available after the main quota of 14,000 has sold out.
**See Outfitter Set-aside table below. Per Idaho Code 36-408 (3), and set by the commission each July.

Outfitter set-aside

All of the unsold outfitter tags by August 1 will be added to the nonresident elk zone quota and will then become available for purchase as a second tag.

Outfitter set-aside regular/whitetail deer

Tag TypeQuotaAvailable
Outfitter regular/whitetail deer1,9851,985

Outfitter capped elk zones

Elk Zone Name - 
Tag Type
Bear River Zone - B Tag5454
Diamond Creek Zone - A Tag4747
Dworshak Zone - B Tag4747
Elk City Zone - A Tag66
Elk City Zone - B Tag4040
Lolo Zone - A Tag6060
Lolo Zone - B Tag236236
Middle Fork Zone - A Tag209209
Middle Fork Zone - B Tag444444
Pioneer Zone - B Tag2121
Salmon Zone - B Tag8888
Sawtooth Zone - A Tag48Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Sawtooth Zone - B Tag81Available 5/11/20
@10 am MT
Selway Zone - A Tag214214
Selway Zone - B Tag303303
Smoky-Bennett Zone - B Tag77
South Hills Zone - B Tag33
Weiser River Zone - B Tag1010


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