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2019 Utah Leftover Hunting Permit List

2019 Utah leftover hunting tag list

Photo credit: Brady Miller

Don't miss out on this second chance to hunt Utah this fall! The list of available licenses can be found in the tables below with more information on trophy potentials, season dates, male:female ratios, and links to all of the Unit Profiles.

The remaining Utah permits are on a first-come, first-served basis starting the middle of July (see available dates below). You must have a valid hunting license or a combination license. You can get a leftover permit online or at license agents and DWR offices. You can see the list of license agents here.

New for 2019

According to Utah Division of Wildlife, new this year is a virtual waiting room for those buying online, which should better manage the pressure of the high volume of people wanting to buy permits. If a customer refreshes or navigates away from the queue page, they may lose their spot in line and have to start over.

After these permits go on sale, to see an updated permit list, visit the online permit sales site here.

General-season bull elk permits available

Available on July 16, 2019 at 8 a.m.
UnitWeaponSeason datesNumber available
Spike-only unitsAny legal weapon/
Any legal weapon: Oct. 5-17, 2019
Muzzleloader: Oct. 30-Nov. 7, 2019
Multi-season: Aug. 17–Sept. 6, Oct. 5–Oct. 17,
Oct. 30–Nov. 7, 2019
Any-bull unitsAny legal weapon/
Any legal weapon: Oct. 5-17, 2019
Muzzleloader: Oct. 30-Nov. 7, 2019
Multi-season: Aug. 17–Sept. 13, Oct. 5–Oct. 17,
Oct. 30–Nov. 7, 2019
EB1005Bull elkArcherySpike: Aug. 17-Sept. 6, 2019
Any bull: Aug. 17-Sept. 13, 2019
Not limited


General-season buck deer leftover permits remaining

Available on July 18, 2019 at 8 a.m.
WeaponSeason datesNumber available
DB1501Box Elder170"+19:100ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13, 2019210
DB1561Box Elder170"+19:100MuzzleloaderSept. 25-Oct. 3, 2019145
DB1565Chalk Creek/East Canyon/
Morgan, South Rich
170"+25:100MuzzleloaderSept. 25-Oct. 3, 2019642
DB1568Kamas170"+23:100MuzzleloaderSept. 25-Oct. 3, 2019304
DB1586Wasatch Mtns, West170"+16:100MuzzleloaderSept. 25-Oct. 3, 201929


Youth archery general-season deer leftover permits remaining*

Available on July 18, 2019 at 8 a.m.
UnitWeaponSeason datesNumber available
BeaverArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13120
Box ElderArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13168
CacheArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13264
Central Mtns, Manti/
San Rafael
ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13324
Central Mtns, NeboArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13164
Chalk Creek/E. Canyon/
Morgan-S. Rich
ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13360
FillmoreArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1390
KamasArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13152
La Sal, La Sal MtnsArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1364
MonroeArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1344
Mt DuttonArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1327
Nine MileArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1366
North SlopeArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13124
OgdenArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13100
Oquirrh-StanburyArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13128
Panguitch LakeArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13112
Pine ValleyArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13180
Plateau, Boulder/
ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1368
Plateau, FishlakeArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1344
Plateau, Thousand LakesArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1318
San Juan, Abajo MtnsArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13110
South Slope, Bonanza/
ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13101
South Slope,
ArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1370
Southwest DesertArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1332
Wasatch Mtns, EastArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13170
Wasatch Mtns, WestArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13324
West Desert, TinticArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1336
West Desert, WestArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 1324
ZionArcheryAug. 17-Sept. 13152

* Youth must be 17 years old or younger on July 31, 2019 to purchase these permits.

Purchase leftover Utah tags once they are available here

Antlerless permit draw

The 2019 antlerless draw deadline is June 20 by 11 p.m. MDT. Results will be made available by July 11 (results will be emailed or you can check your draw results online). Any leftover tags will be made available beginning at 8 a.m. MDT on July 23, 2019.

Access utah antlerless draw odds

Private-lands-only antlerless elk permits

Available beginning at 8 a.m. on July 23, 2019. Learn more about private-lands-only permits or see a list of permits that will be available here.

You can check out the list of Utah outfitters and Business members below.

List Of Utah Outfitters


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