Terrain Analysis hack for offline use on mobile app

Hunting season is here! I’ve already had one successful hunt and another that kicked my teeth in for a week! I am now e-scouting for additional hunts coming up and thought this was a great time to hit on one of my favorite map tricks.

Hands down, Terrain Analysis is my favorite feature in GOHUNT Maps. This web-based tool allows you to quickly identify slopes based on the direction they are facing, degree of slope, and even elevation. With a little bit of knowledge or history in an area, this filter can be deadly!

Learn more about the Terrain Analysis tool here

However, at the present time, the Terrain Analysis layer is not available on mobile devices. Don’t worry! We do have plans for this, but it will take some time, so please bear with us. But... I do have a handy trick I like to use when I’ve found a slope I want to keep track of on my mobile map.

Terrain Analysis hack for GOHUNT Mobile Maps

The first thing to do is load up the GOHUNT Web Maps and then turn Terrain Analysis on for the area I am hunting. In the screenshot below, I am looking at elk areas in Colorado.

After finding a few slopes I want to mark, I then toggle to the “Draw an Area” tool in the upper left and draw a shape over the slopes that Terrain Analysis has identified for me.

Drawing a polygon around the area of interest.

After getting the area marked on my web map, I then move over to my mobile device and locate the shape in the content folder under my “Hunts” tab. Quick note: if you are not seeing the area populate within your content list, you may need to swipe down on the list to refresh it.

This can be a great way to identify some key slopes you found while e-scouting and does provide some crossover when trying to take the Terrain Analysis layer into the field with you.

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