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We have a brand new way to download your state layers and satellite/topography imagery on GOHUNT Maps mobile for offline use!

This process is so simple and a complete game changer! Never again will you have to worry if you have layers (public/private, unit boundaries, roads/trails, water, wildfires, etc) and satellite/topo imagery! Plus, no more of that painstakingly frustrating process of trying to download 14 different squares and trying to overlap them when downloading your satellite maps!

Remember that this entire process is a two-step download flow. You download your entire state layer package, and you need to download your satellite/topo maps. The order you do this doesn't matter, but you need to download both if you want satellite/topo and state layers while offline.

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State Layer Offline Download Process

You can now download all of the layers for an entire state at once! Plus, no longer do you need to turn on layers before downloading an offline satellite/top map. Both are huge wins!

When you download a state, you’ll instantly get offline access to all the public/private land, unit boundaries, wildfires, species distribution, roads/trails, water, terrain, etc. Every single layer is downloaded for the entire extent of the state.

This solves a HUGE pain point everyone dealt with in the past. No longer do you have to worry about these thoughts, “did I forget to download the public/private layer?” or “did I forget to download the roads/trails?” 

Now you can just download the entire state all at once! Also, every time we make an update to a state layer, you’ll be notified. 

This is a very important piece of mind mentality when you're going on a hunt.

Watch a short video on this state layer download process below:

Also, below is a step-by-step method for downloading state layers.

Step 1

Open up the Library tab from the bottom of the screen in GOHUNT Maps.

Step 2

Once you have the Library tab open, you'll see a list of all 50 states. Either click on the downward-facing arrow icon to start downloading that state right away or tap into the layer. 

If you tap into the layers, you'll land on the screenshot above. Click the download button at the top to download all of the layers for that state. 

Before the download will start, you'll need to confirm that you want to download the entire state layer.

Step 3

Your download will then start, and you'll be able to track the download process. 

It's just that simple! Now you have all of the layers downloaded for that ENTIRE state all at once. So no matter where you are at in your travels in that state, you'll always have public/private, roads/trails, unit boundaries, wildfire layers, etc.

Extra info

Another part of this process is you can "Favorite" a state. This means you won't have to scroll forever to find a state when you want to turn on or off layers and even adjust transparency. 

Simply go to the Library, click on a state, and tap the Favorite button in the upper left corner. When the star is filled in, that means you have saved that state as a favorite.

Now the states you favorite will be located in the "Favorite" tab.

Satellite/Topo Map Offline Download Process

Another pain point we have solved is saving satellite and topographic imagery for offline use. Now you can zoom in or zoom out to designate an entire area of interest to download. The best part… you’re no longer restricted to the size of the map you want to download that you've been used to in the past. 

One of my favorite parts of this process, no longer do you have to painstakingly download 14 little orange boxes multiple times and try to overlap them so you can ensure you have coverage!

You can download almost an entire section of a state or even download an entire unit all at once. 

This process means that you have the ability to download high-resolution maps that cover your entire hunting area only ONCE! Note: All of our maps are high resolution.

As you zoom in or out during this downloading process, you’ll also notice at the top of the screen, it will show you the estimated map file size. So for larger maps, it is best to download them ahead of time on WIFI. This process is very fast! For example, I downloaded a 1.03 GB map in under 5 minutes on WIFI.

Watch a short video on this offline satellite/topo download process below:

Also, below is a step-by-step method for downloading satellite/topographic offline maps.

Step 1

I find it's easier to use the expandable toolbar when downloading the satellite/topographical maps. Tap the "plus" button, and the toolbar will expand. Then select the "New map" button.

Step 2

Now just use finger gestures to zoom in or zoom out to create the custom offline map size that you want. You have full control of how big or how small of a map you want to download. So just zoom in or out to highlight what part of a state or unit you want to download. The extent of the map you will download is the entire length and width of your screen. Again, you'll also notice at the top of the screen it will show the file size of the offline map as you adjust the download area. Once you have your area highlighted, then click on the orange arrow in the lower right corner of the screen to start the download.

Step 3

A prompt will show up to confirm you want to download this offline map. You can also rename the map at this time. Or skip it and use the default map name. Note: you can edit the map name at a later date.

Step 4

After you click "Download" you can see the progress of the map in the Offline Maps area of the library. Once that is complete, you'll have your satellite/topo map downloaded to your device.

Overall as I stated earlier, this new process is a complete gamechanger when it comes to saving your state layers and satellite/topo maps. If you have any questions, you can drop us an email at or drop a comment below, and I'll get back to you.

If you need a walk-through on importing your waypoints to GOHUNT Maps, learn more at the link below:

How to import waypoints to GOHUNT Maps


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