How to use the Rangefinder Tool on GOHUNT Maps

Photo credit: Brady Miller

There's a few tools that will change the way you hunt, stalk animals, and even recover animals. And GOHUNT's Rangefinder Tool on our mobile app is one of those features!

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Watch the video below for a quick "how to" look at the Rangefinder Tool:

Why is this feature so powerful?

Screenshot example of the Rangefinder Tool.

Example one:

Let's say you've glassed up an animal and you want to put a stalk on it with your bow. Back in the day, you had to visually take note of where that animal was (either by memory or taking a photo), and by the time you hiked all the way over there, everything looked different and you can't find the reference point of where that animal is.

Well... now you just need to range the animal with your rangefinder, and then using the Rangefinder Tool on GOHUNT Maps, you can now drop a waypoint exactly where you saw that animal. So now when you hike across a basin, you will know where that animal is, so you can use your mobile app to visually see where you are, in relation to where you marked the animal earlier. All that extra information using the Rangefinder Tool can greatly help you on the stalk!

Example two:

You just shot an animal and it's getting dark. You know you took a shot at 350 yards across a super steep canyon. And you want to recover that animal, but by the time you get over there it will be dark which could make finding the animal tough in the steep terrain.

Now all you have to do is jump into the Rangefinder Tool on GOHUNT Maps mobile app, enter the yardage of where you took the shot (or if you can see your animal, even better to re-range that animal) and then move your phone to the correct spot to mark exactly where your animal is. This will make your recovery very smooth without you having to grid the area in the dark.

Example three:

Similar situation to the archery example above. A rifle hunter can also use this tool. Once again, just simple range an animal with your rangefinder and then use the Rangefinder Tool to drop a waypoint exactly where an animal is bedded. Then, before you make your approach, I like to take a line measurement from that waypoint to some feature on the map where I think I might be able to take a shot from. This is a great way to not waste a bunch of time once you hike over there and you realize that you hiked to the wrong spot and the distance is still too far to shoot. So I'll use the line tool to find a ridge or a terrain feature that looks like a good spot to take that animal and then measure out the distance to put myself in the best position for sucess. Note: this is when I like to switch to a topo map as I find that is easier for my eyes to see ridgelines.

Overall, there's so many other great use cases for the Rangefinder Tool. It's one of those features that I've been using a lot the past year in testing and I'm excited to have this featured rolled out to everyone using GOHUNT Maps.

If you have any questions, definitely drop them in the comments below and I'll get back to you. Download GOHUNT Maps mobile app today and have your best season ever!

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