Big update to GOHUNT Maps!

More layers just added to GOHUNT Maps. Photo credit: Brady Miller

The GOHUNT team has been busy lately curating and assuring quality in 500 new map layers! This further expands the data coverage in the midwest, southern, and eastern states. 

We know map layers are critical for helping you plan and execute hunts by knowing where you can navigate and informing your plan with land usages such as fires, timber cuts, water, and wildfire. We are excited to extend our layer coverage across all states!

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The following layers have been added in those regions:

  • Forest Service Motorized Roads and Trails
  • Trails
  • Historic Wildfires 2010-2021
  • Timber Cuts
  • Grazing Allotments
  • Springs

Example of what you'll now see across all states.

Other big updates:

  • NEW Public Access content for Wisconsin, Michigan, Texas, and Minnesota
  • The addition of 1.1 million acres of public access in California
  • Updated Public Access for Oregon

More additional layer updates:

  • New Mexico Private Land
  • New Mexico Government Land
  • Oregon Hunter Access Programs
  • California CDFW Owned and Operated Lands
  • Wisconsin Forest Tax Law Points
  • Wisconsin DNR Managed Properties
  • Michigan Commercial Forest Lands
  • Michigan Hunter Access Programs
  • Texas Wildlife Management Areas
  • Minnesota Walk-in Access Sites
  • Minnesota DNR Managed Lands
  • Wyoming Deer Regions

As always, these layers are available in both the web version of GOHUNT Maps and in our mobile app.

Note: be sure to keep your mobile app updated to receive all of our fresh enhancements. Plus, if you've previously downloaded a state layer on the mobile app, be sure to keep those layers up to date as well. 

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If you have any questions or feedback, please reach us at or drop a comment below.

Need a walk-through on importing your waypoints to GOHUNT Maps? We have you covered! Learn more at the link below:

How to import waypoints to GOHUNT Maps


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