A look at how Trail Kreitzer e-scouts for elk

E-scouting for elk

In the YouTube video below, I walk through my e-scouting efforts using GOHUNT Maps on the web for a bull elk hunt.

E-scouting is way more than just looking at maps and dropping waypoints. Let’s define e-scouting for a second. E-scouting is a systematical digital scouting effort on a map where you dive into every piece of the unit before you ever put a foot on the ground in the unit. This is the pre-hunt work that will put you in the position to find animals and develop a plan. The key thing here is a “plan” because without a plan, you’re most likely just going to waste time and days on your hunt if you haven't scouted out your unit on 3D satellite imagery.

Elk calling

Jump over to GOHUNT Maps on the web and start getting prepared for this coming season.

Start your e-scouting here

Watch how I e-scout for elk down below!

Stay tuned for more videos on ways I e-scout, this was a lot to cover at once and there are still a plethora of other ways I e-scout on GOHUNT's 3D Web Maps before I step foot in the field.

Android users can download GOHUNT Maps here

iPhone Users can download GOHUNT Maps here



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