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Application overview: Utah’s 2022 Antlerless draw

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The 2022 application period for Utah antlerless is from May 26 at 8 a.m. to June 16, 2022 at 11 p.m. MT. Applications can be completed online here. Results are expected to be available by July 7, 2022.


View important information and an overview of the Utah rules/regulations, the draw system, tag and license fees on our State Profile.

Important dates and information

  • The deadline to apply is June 16, 2022 at 11 p.m. MT. Apply online here.
  • Results will be emailed or available online by July 7, 2022.
  • Hunters must have a valid hunting or combination hunting/fishing license to apply.
  • Applicants must be 12 years old by Dec. 31, 2022 to apply.
  • Hunters born after Dec. 31, 1965 must have taken an approved hunter’s education course.

2022 Utah antlerless license fee breakdown

Hunting license (13 and younger)$11-
Hunting license (Age 14-17)$16$29 (17 and younger)
Hunting license (Age 18-64)$34$72
Hunting license (65+)$25-
Antlerless Deer$30$107
Antlerless Elk$50$251
Doe Antelope$30$107
Antlerless Moose$213$1,000
Rocky Mountain Bighorn Sheep Ewe$100$1,000


Hunting license required

Before you can apply for a 2022 antlerless permit you must have a valid Utah hunting or combination license. You can purchase a license today or when you apply for an antlerless permit.

Bonus and preference points

Rocky Mountain bighorn sheep ewe and antlerless moose tags are drawn through the use of bonus points while antlerless deer, antlerless elk, and doe antelope and drawn with preference points.

Under the bonus point system, fifty percent (rounded down) of the tags are made available to the highest point holders. Under the preference point system, the state looks at the highest point holders first and considers their first choice hunt. If a permit is available for the applicant's first choice then a tag is awarded. If permits are not available, the application is skipped, and the first choice of the next person is considered. After all first choices have been considered at that preference point level, the drawing will look at the first choices of hunters at the next-highest preference point level. Once all first choice applicants from every point level have been considered then the state will begin to look at second choice applications.

See your draw odds here

Party Applications

Applicants also have the opportunity to apply for Utah antlerless hunts in parties, or groups:

  • Everyone in the group must apply in the same online session — you cannot add group members at a later date
  • Both residents and nonresidents can apply together but the hunt must have enough nonresident tags available for all members
  • Up to four hunters can apply together for antlerless deer, antlerless elk or doe pronghorn permits.
  • When you apply, all fees for all applicants in your group must be charged to one credit or debit card.

Preference points are averaged and rounded down when two or more applicants apply as a group. For example, if Applicant A has 1 point and Applicant B has 4 points the group will average to 2.5 points which will ultimately round down to 2 points for the draw. 

Obtain up to three elk permits in a season

You may obtain up to three elk permits per year — as long as at least two of the permits are for antlerless elk — but you can only apply for or obtain one antlerless elk permit in the drawing.

  • A maximum of one permit can be for a bull elk.
  • A maximum of one antlerless elk permit can be obtained through the antlerless hunt drawing.
  • A maximum of two antlerless elk permits can be obtained over the counter.

Forfeit preference points for purchasing remaining antlerless permits

If you obtain a general season antlerless permit over the counter (OTC) (after the antlerless drawing) or a private lands only permit, you will lose any preference points you've previously accrued for that specific antlerless hunt. If you purchase an antlerless elk control permit, you will not lose your preference points.

Private land only antlerless elk permits 

This year, the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources (UDWR) will again offer private lands only antlerless elk permits. These permits are only valid on private lands on select hunting units. Do not purchase one of these permits without knowing the laws that regulate hunting on private lands.

Flexibility with the antlerless elk permits

If you obtain two antlerless elk permits for the same area — but the permits are for different seasons — you may harvest both elk during the same season. And don't forget that you can use your antlerless permit during your buck or bull season, as long as it's for the same area.


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