The Game Trail Podcast with Trail Kreitzer is now live!

Today is a special day... my good friend Trail Kreitzer who is known around our office as the resident research and gear guy, now has his own podcast called The Game Trail.

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So what exactly is The Game Trail?

The Game Trail is Trail's deep dive into gear, hunting, and whatever else comes to his mind. Trail has over two decades of western big game hunting experience and is a professed gear junkie and constant tinkerer. Join him and a variety of experienced guests as they discuss everything from boots to backpacks, bows to baselayers, tents, tripods, tuning, tactics, and everything in between.

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If you've followed GOHUNT, you may be familiar with Trail, but for those that are new to our platform, here’s a quick introduction and why you should consider giving The Game Trail a listen. Trail grew up in rural southern Utah, where outdoors and hunting were always a major part of his life. Before joining GOHUNT, Trail began his professional career as a habitat biologist with the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources, where he worked as the Assistant Habitat Manager in the southern region for eight years. During his time with the Division, he worked throughout southern Utah conducting wildlife surveys, assessing big game habitat conditions, and implementing landscape-scale habitat restoration projects, but his true passion was always big game hunting.

In his own words, “I love everything about hunting, I love the research, preparation, adventure, peace, challenge it provides, and the gear.” Trail has hunted multiple states throughout the West and continues to apply and research any opportunity to explore and hunt more every year. Trail is also an endless tinkerer and true gear nerd and plans to make those two topics a central focus of the podcast. “My goal for the podcast is to talk to and explore the questions that I have about hunting gear with other accomplished hunters. I want to learn how the pros tune their bow, their process to ensure they release the perfect arrow on a giant bull, or why a pack was designed the way it is. I want to understand what it takes for some of the best in the business to find success every year. In many ways, The Game Trail is my excuse to ask questions and learn so that I can continually improve my own hunting gear selection and become a better hunter myself.”

The first episode of The Game Trail Podcast kicked off this week, where Trail catches up with good friend Chris Neville. Chris is the video content specialist at GOHUNT and has produced many of the GOHUNT Original Films for several years. Chris and Trail have shared several hunts together, including elk hunts in Wyoming, Colorado, New Mexico, and the Alaskan caribou hunt as featured in the film “Nothing but Daylight.” The guys dive into topics covering bow setup and tuning, practice routines, archery equipment selection, and key factors in making a shot under pressure. You can check out that episode here or where ever you listen to your podcasts.

  • Next week Trail talks to Chris Bee, Mathews Pro Staff Shooter, about a host of bow setup, shot execution, and tuning techniques.
  • The following week, Trail has Austin Kincaid of High Voltage Bowstrings, who will be the third guest on the podcast, where they do an extensive dive into bowstring materials and string building.

Join Trail and a variety of experienced guests as they discuss everything from boots to backpacks, bows to baselayers, tents, tripods, tuning, tactics, and everything in between on The Game Trail Podcast.

In addition to Trail helping out on the BIG HUNT GUYS Podcast with Lorenzo and myself, he will also now share a ton of his knowledge on his own platform.

You can also catch Trail's episodes on our website here


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