New INSIDER Feature Released: Point Tracker

All those bonus/preference points you’ve been building up over the years are important. After all, those are years and years you have invested in applying in various Western states.

We are very excited to announce our latest INSIDER feature enhancement; Point Tracker.

Now you can store all your bonus/preference points in every state in your personal INSIDER account. This solves a huge pain point when it comes to the organization of your hunting information and it also saves time!

Ditch your old ways of keeping track of your points on napkins, spreadsheets or notepads, and roll it all up in your INSIDER account.

Access Point Tracker here

The best part, Point Tracker automatically works with Filtering 2.0 and Draw Odds. It will remember your residency status and how many points you have for each species! This is a huge time saver when it comes to manually entering those in each time you want to do some research. 

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Also, we’ve made it super easy to track the points for your family members too. Let’s say you have a son or daughter and you’ve been building points for them. In Point Tracker you can create different users for your family and then you can swap between users in Point Tracker AND you can swap between family members on Filtering 2.0 and Draw Odds when you are trying to have a person in your family pull a tag.

Point Tracker breakdown

Point Tracker is your source to keep track of all your bonus points/preference points in one spot. We cover every Western state and every application type you can build points for.

Point Tracker works with Filtering 2.0 & Draw Odds!

The top orange box shows that you have points set up on Point Tracker.

As stated earlier, Point Tracker works seamlessly with Filtering 2.0 and Draw Odds. No longer will you need to enter in your residency and points every time you go to Filtering 2.0 and Draw odds. And if you want to view the results in Filtering 2.0 or Draw Odds of your family members, you can simply just select the dropdown arrow at the top where it says, "Point Tracker: YOUR NAME" and switch to a different user.

For quick reference, Point Tracker can be found under the INSIDER dropdown menu or by clicking the button below.

Access Point Tracker here

Adding your points to Point Tracker

Adding points to Point Tracker is super easy!

  • Click on “Add Points” 
  • Then select a state you have points in
  • Enter your residency 
  • If you want to store extra information, you could also enter your hunter ID in that state which might come in handy when you apply
  • Under that state, it will show you all the application types
  • Now just enter in the number of points you have for each species and click “Save”
  • You’ll now see that state on your main personal Point Tracker page with a list of the species you have points accumulated for

If you need to look up your points in every state to enter them into goHUNT’s Point Tracker, check out an article series here.

View when adding points to a state.

Note: Next to each species there is a tooltip icon that you can hover over to explain the points for that species. For example, under Arizona deer, if you hover over the tooltip it will say, “Deer points apply to Coues or Mule deer.” This will help you understand points in each state.

Add family members

If you want to add points for your family members, just tap on the down arrow on your profile photo in the upper left corner and click, “Add Family Member.”

Other updates?

We hope you enjoy this new enhancement. Like everything at goHUNT, we aren’t stopping here! Stay tuned for more updates we are rolling out with in 2022. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

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INSIDER makes it easy to find tag opportunities by state, species and probability of draw odds success and much more! Whether you have 0 points or 10, INSIDER gives you the information you need to plan a successful hunt.

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can learn more below.

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