Montana draw odds now updated!


Big news, Montana Draw Odds are now updated for this upcoming application season! Now is the time to start researching for hunts in Montana. You can access our standalone Draw Odds page here.

What you'll see when checking out draw odds is exactly how the 2022 draw played out for all species, and all units in the state of Montana. All this information helps you apply smarter, and you'll be more prepared in the upcoming draw knowing how last year played out. Note: more states will follow shortly with updated draw odds.

Example of what you'll see on our draw odds pages.

Montana is a state where accurate draw odds are absolutely essential, especially for nonresidents. We have the best and most accurate odds in the industry. You’ll see updated draw odds for all the combination licenses (deer, elk, big game), plus draw odds for all of the permit hunts for both residents and nonresidents.

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Currently, we have draw odds updated for the following states:

View of our standalone/detailed Draw Odds page showing states with updated odds.
  • Alaska
  • Arizona
  • Colorado
  • Idaho
  • Montana
  • Nevada
  • New Mexico
  • Oregon
  • Utah
  • Wyoming


It's been long known that we take draw odds very seriously at GOHUNT, and we know how important accurate draw odds are to Western hunters.

We have the best draw odds, period. Our Draw Odds are more accurate than the simple state odds that you might see on a state's website or regulation books. People who claim those are "draw odds" are not telling you the entire truth. Our in-house expert data scientists are the best there is in compiling, testing and ensuring our draw odds up to our rigorous standards.


  1. Our stand-alone detailed draw odds experience showcases your odds for whatever state/species/hunt you are looking to find in a table format, plus you'll see application trends and tags drawn at each point level.
  2. Draw Odds is also a filter option in our powerful Filtering 2.0 tool.
  3. Draw Odds are also incorporated in each season level in our Unit Profiles.

Upcoming updates to Insider

  • More states will have updated draw odds for the 2023 application season.
  • Season dates will be updated as each state releases its approved regulations.
  • The tag allocation graphs are getting updated as we acquire the data.
  • The harvest success will get updated later in the spring once the various states release that data.

Start your research now

Dive into Draw Odds and Filtering 2.0 to start your application research today! Best of luck in the 2023 draws! Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

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What can you do in Hunt Planner?

  • Save unit seasons in Filtering 2.0 
    • Never lose track of units you want to further research
  • Rank seasons
    • Can help decide what unit to apply for or what order to place your units when applying on a state's website
  • Compare seasons (up to three at a time)
  • Save the filter settings you used in Filtering 2.0 to find a great hunt and reference those filters you used to find a hunt at a later date
  • Add notes to your research folder under a season-level or hunt folder level
  • And much more!

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