LATEST UPDATE: Alaska hunt research tools now live on INSIDER!

Alaska INSIDER research tools now live

We are very excited to announce our newest state to INSIDER: Alaska. Let's face it, Alaska is a dream hunting destination for pretty much everyone. At goHUNT, our continued goal is to provide hunters with the research tools to increase their hunting opportunities and break barriers in their hunt planning by overcoming the hurdles of trying to research an out of state dream hunt. We can't wait for you to dive into all of this new data.

Why all nonresidents should care about Alaska

Trail Kreitzer with his 2019 Alaska moose

Trail Kreitzer's 2019 moose that he took on a do-it-yourself hunt.

Let's face it, if you're a nonresident hunter and have always dreamt about hunting Alaska, then the do-it-yourself non-draw tag (general tag) hunts are your ticket to experiencing this amazing state. Alaska is home to phenomenal DIY moose, caribou and Sitka blacktail hunting!

Trail Kreitzer with a Sitka blacktail

Trail also took a Sitka blacktail in 2017 on a do-it-yourself hunt.

With the use of Filtering 2.0, Unit Profiles and the INSIDER only articles, we provide you all the tools needed to successfully plan out a DIY over-the-counter hunt in Alaska. The real value in hunting Alaska will be these DIY hunts! To see those options, just jump into Filtering 2.0, select a species, and then filter out the units by one of the "General" options. From there you can sort and filter your results and then jump into the Unit Profile for even more detailed information. We can't wait to release some detailed articles related to hunting Alaska to INSIDER!

What you'll see with the launch of Alaska

Flying over Alaska

Alaska truly is the last frontier and the land of hunting opportunity. But with that, there are typically a lot of unknowns in logistics, data and how to figure out where to hunt in Alaska. Through INSIDER, we are breaking down those hurdles. All of this research data for Alaska will greatly help you out.

You will not only get an analysis of all units, and seasons, but you'll also have Species Breakdowns, plus an Alaska State Profile that outlines how to apply and the fees associated with hunting in Alaska. Along with that, we will be rolling out a bunch of articles coming out this coming year on the do-it-yourself side of Alaska from very experienced people who have hunted Alaska as nonresidents and from the resident side of things.

Like our other states, you’ll have Filtering 2.0 to decide where to apply and hunt with filters for trophy potential, draw odds, harvest success, weapon type, season dates and much, much more. Once you've gotten that portion of your research nailed down, you will be prepared to jump into our standalone Draw Odds page for even more detailed draw odds data.

Filtering 2.0

Alaska hunt research Filtering tool

Alaska will now show up on the drop-down menu for Filtering 2.0.

In Filtering 2.0, you'll instantly be able to narrow down where to apply and hunt for each species in Alaska. In a few clicks, you'll know what unit is perfect for your specific criteria. 

  • Detailed unit-by-unit analysis
  • Draw Odds
  • Tag Allocation
  • Hunter Surveyed
  • Harvest Success
  • Public Land %

We did not include trophy potential because it is so unpredictable in a state like Alaska. 

See Alaska on Filtering 2.0

Draw Odds For Alaska?

We also have Draw Odds for all species and all residencies in Alaska. As always, our data science team was hard at work making sure that our Alaska draw odds meet the same rigorous standards as all of our other states.

If you just want to view draw odds, you can quickly navigate to our standalone Draw Odds Page and select Alaska to see detailed draw odds for each unit. Note: Draw odds are also available on Filtering 2.0 and on each Unit Profile.

Locating our standalone draw odds page

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, we have a standalone draw odds page for all states and species. To locate our Draw Odds page, highlight over INSIDER and once the dropdown menu appears, select the "DRAW ODDS" area at the top. See the screenshot below for a visual explanation.

goHUNT standalone draw odds page

Once you click the Draw Odds page, you'll be taken to the screen below. From there, just select Alaska, then select your residency, and finally the species.

Alaska hunt draw odds on goHUNT INSIDER

See Alaska Draw odds

Want to hunt Alaska?

In the video below, Trail goes over why he loves Alaska and how doable it is for any do-it-yourself hunter.

Current states covered on INSIDER

Current states on goHUNT INSIDER hunt research

On INSIDER, we currently cover 13 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington, and Wyoming. You can quickly find any hunting opportunity in the West by using INSIDER!

What's next for INSIDER?

Stay tuned for more enhancements we are coming out with later this fall and throughout the 2020 season. As always, we are not stopping here!

We would love to hear from you

At goHUNT, we love hearing from our members. Now that we have Alaska live, which states would you want us to add to INSIDER? Email your state suggestions to

We hope you enjoy this new addition to INSIDER. It’s pretty addictive to research a new state and possibly plan an out-of-state hunting trip. Best of luck in the upcoming 2020 draws.

If you're unfamiliar with INSIDER, you can read more below.


View a free sample Unit Profile in Alaska – see the level of detail INSIDER gives you for 6,200+ profiles across the West.

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