Introducing goHUNT INSIDER

goHUNT announces the launch of a full suite of planning tools for western big game hunters.

What is INSIDER?

After scouring the Internet for every piece of reliable data we could find, consulting with state wildlife agencies and working with experienced hunters, we proudly bring the most comprehensive set of hunting tools available exclusively to our members. Imagine being able to get a birds-eye view of your hunting unit, then quickly view weather history and moon phases. While at the same time, looking at specie genetics, seasonal behavior and harvest success trends so you know what to expect.


How does it work?

The INSIDER program is very simple. $149 per year allows access to unit, state and specie profiles as well as exclusive content related to opportunity and application strategies. Additionally, INSIDERs receive 10% off any landowner tag in our inventory and are automatically entered into monthly gear and hunt giveaways.

INSIDER Benefits

What is next?

We have more states to add, more tools to create, and more data to show. As our team continues to expand, we continue to explore new technologies and add value for our members. We aren’t stopping here ... that is our promise to INSIDERs.



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