Full antlerless hunt coverage now on goHUNT INSIDER

Full antlerless hunt coverage now on goHUNT INSIDER
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The West is full of hunting opportunities. One of the easiest ways to go on more hunts or add more tags to your existing trips is through antlerless hunts.

One of the most requested features has been showcasing more antlerless hunts on INSIDER and we have delivered in a big way!

Back in 2018, we launched antlerless draw odds on INSIDER. This opened the door to figure out what antlerless hunts you can draw. We have now expanded this offering to showcase all antlerless hunts on Filtering 2.0

See all antlerless hunting opportunities on Filtering 2.0

We are excited to announce that all antlerless hunts can now be viewed on Filtering 2.0 for every state. Now you’ll be able to find these opportunities even easier.

Most of you are aware of the power of finding hunting opportunities on Filtering 2.0. Now, you’ll also see data, unit boundaries and countless other pieces of information to help pick up antlerless tags. We have this information for every western state we currently cover on INSIDER. If you’d like a refresher on how Filtering 2.0 works, check out this article here.

Antlerless hunt coverage now on goHUNT INSIDER

Once you land on an antlerless hunt for a state, you can quickly sort by the number of animals harvested, filter by the amount of public land, season/weapon type and much more! Plus, you can even enter in your points for a certain antlerless species and see what hunts you can draw this coming year! Having this information is huge when you want to combo a bull elk tag with a cow elk tag. Or maybe you have a deer or antelope hunt and you want to pick up a doe tag. The options are endless!

Researching an antlerless hunt is a great way to see how easy it is to add some tags to your pocket — especially when you’re already traveling out of state to hunt. It’s amazing to see how many states offer antlerless hunts that you can hunt at the same time you might be hunting for a buck or bull.

What makes antlerless hunts so great?

Antlerless elk can provide up to 160 pounds of meat, and their tags are easier to draw and fill. INSIDER gives you all the tools you need to fill your freezer this hunting season.

Plus, these hunts can also be a great way to introduce youth to hunting as they are typically more laid back with no pressure or urgency to try to find a buck or bull. 

It’s also hard to beat hunting with friends and family. An antlerless hunt with family is a great way to share some amazing memories and hone in your hunting techniques.

Every state and all antlerless opportunities are now displayed on INSIDER. You can start your research now to find these amazing hunts!

At your fingertips, you now have the full power of INSIDER to plan out an antlerless hunt!

What’s next?

If you’re already in the planning stage for the 2022 season, we will have updated draw odds later this year.

Also, stay tuned for more updates on other enhancements we are rolling out with during the 2022 application season…we aren’t stopping here! Best of luck on any remaining hunts you have in 2021 and also best luck in the 2022 draws. As always, feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

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