Filtering 2.0 enhancements — Research even easier in Montana!

Photo credit: Luke Dusenbury

Along with the large number of changes Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks implemented this year we’ve also been hard at work to create a better flow while researching hunts in Montana. At the time of writing this, the Montana application deadline is just days away and soon we will all know our fates for the 2022 hunting season. When draw results trickle out the later part of April, e-scouting and planning will become increasingly important. The other week we made a few simple tweaks to make researching Montana that much easier in Filtering 2.0 once you pull a tag!

Check out our podcast episode on the Montana changes here

New species types for Montana

Perhaps the most important change we made was the restructuring of our species types for mule deer, whitetail deer, elk, and antelope in Montana. In the past, when researching general units in Montana users would need to select their respective species and then filter out general units by season type. This system was fairly straightforward with a general understanding of how Filtering 2.0 operates but we knew there was room for improvement. 

New Species types for Montana

Species nameExpected filtering results
Mule Deer, GeneralFilters for all general mule deer hunt districts
Mule Deer, PermitFilters all mule deer permit hunts
Whitetail Deer, GeneralFilters for all general whitetail deer hunt districts
Whitetail Deer, PermitFilters all whitetail deer permit hunts
Elk, GeneralFilters for all general elk hunt districts
Elk, PermitFilters all elk permit hunts
Antelope, Archery OnlyFilters for all hunt districts included in the 900-20 archery only license

Now, users will be able to select the exact species and tag type they have to begin researching quicker and more efficiently.

New Heritage Muzzleloader seasons

Another new addition for Montana in Filtering 2.0 are the new Heritage Muzzleloader seasons introduced at the end of last year. Throughout the state, these Heritage Muzzleloader seasons take place after the general hunting season and provide hunters with a unique December hunting experience. These seasons are not available for all tags/hunt districts so hunters will want to pay close attention to the regulations if planning to hunt these. 

For 2022, the Heritage Muzzleloader season runs from December 10 - 18.

The Heritage Muzzleloader season is highly regulated and hunters will need to make sure their equipment meets the restrictions: 

“Plain lead projectiles and a muzzleloading rifle that is charged with loose black powder, loose pyrodex, or an equivalent loose black powder substitute, and ignited by a flintlock, wheel lock, matchlock, or percussion mechanism using a percussion or musket cap. The muzzleloading rifle must be a minimum of .45 caliber and may not have more than two barrels. Additionally, 87-6-401(1), a hunter may not use a muzzleloading rifle that requires insertion of a cap or primer into the open breech of the barrel, is capable of being loaded from the breech, or is mounted with an optical magnification device. Use of prepared paper or metallic cartridges, sabots, gas checks, or other similar power and range-enhancing manufactured loads that enclose the projectile from the rifling or bore of the firearm is also prohibited.”

Point Tracker refresh

Along with the new species types creating an easier and more functional research system they are also now connected with our new Point Tracker platform! Now, you can enter your combo license preference points totals, deer or elk permit totals, and both will populate in their respective positions within Draw Odds and Filtering 2.0.


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