Female Draw odds are now live on INSIDER

Female species draw odds now live on INSIDER

Female/Antlerless Draw Odds

Earlier this month we launched our 2018 Draw Odds Updates and today we are happy to announce that female/antlerless species draw odds are now live on INSIDER! Our goal is to continue to showcase the opportunities that are available in the West, and we aren’t stopping here.

The Newest Enhancement

We know a lot of people want additional chances to put meat in their freezer, and now you can find the odds of pulling an “antlerless” tag to further increase your hunting opportunities across the West. This is especially useful for hunters who are looking to add another tag in their pocket when traveling to out-of-state hunts.

Female and antlerless species draw odds view
We have female/antlerless draw odds for nine western states. You'll see this newly added section at the bottom of the species list once you click on a state.

You’ll see female species draw odds under each state section in the standalone Draw Odds page.

Colorado antlerless elk Draw Odds example
Example of the standalone Draw Odds views for antlerless elk in Colorado during the 2nd Rifle season.

We have draw odds for the following female species: mule deer, whitetail deer, blacktail deer, Rocky Mountain elk, Roosevelt elk, antelope, sheep, mountain goat, moose, bison, and ibex.

Steps to access female draw odds

At this time antlerless draw odds are only available on our standalone Draw Odds page and not on Filtering 2.0 or the Unit Profiles.

Here are some steps to help you find them

You can access female draw odds by hovering your mouse over the word "INSIDER" in the top navigation bar, but don't click anything yet. Then you should see a drop-down screen. Scroll left to the "DRAW ODDS" section and click that. After those steps, you should end up on our standalone Draw Odds page. Or the direct link here.

From there, you will select a state and then residency. It will now show you all the female/antlerless options if you scroll down on the right-hand side. Here is the link for Colorado > Nonresident species options for an example.


Stay tuned for more updates on other enhancements we are rolling out with during the 2018 application season… we aren’t stopping here! Best of luck in the 2018 draws. As always, feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

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