Draw Odds Updated for 2022 in Colorado, Utah & Wyoming

It’s that time of year again!

We are extremely excited to announce that our 2022 Draw Odds updates are now live for Colorado, Utah and Wyoming!

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Apply with confidence using the most accurate draw odds available

Now you can see exactly what occurred during the 2021 draw, to better prepare yourself for how to apply in 2022. More states will follow shortly with updated draw odds, but we wanted to get these states out first because they are some of the most timely due to application deadlines.

When it comes to draw odds, goHUNT has been and still is the draw odds authority!

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Put more tags in your pocket in 2022!

We take great pride in assuring that we have the most accurate draw odds. We know how each state’s draw process works and we understand the intricate details. We have the best draw odds, period. What you see in our Draw Odds is better than the simple state odds that you might see on a state's website or regulation books. Our expert data scientists are the best there is in compiling, testing and ensuring our draw odds up to our rigorous standards.

Draw Odds can be found in three places on INSIDER

  1. Our stand-alone draw odds experience showcases your odds for whatever state/species/hunt you are interested in a table format, plus application trends and tags drawn at each point level.
  2. Draw odds is also a filter option in Filtering 2.0.
  3. Draw odds are also incorporated in each season in Unit Profiles.

Upcoming updates

  • More states will be updated for 2022 draw odds very soon.
  • Season dates will be updated as each state releases its approved regulations.
  • The tag allocation graphs are getting updated as well.
  • The harvest success will get updated later in the spring once the various states release that data.

Stay tuned for updates on more enhancements we are rolling out with in 2022. Feel free to reach out to us at any time if you have questions.

Gain an edge, and start your research now using Filtering 2.0Draw Odds and even goHUNT Maps.


INSIDER makes it easy to find tag opportunities by state, species and probability of draw odds success and much more! Whether you have 0 points or 10, INSIDER gives you the information you need to plan a successful hunt.

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