Update: Draw odds and research data added for Arizona javelina and turkey!

Brady with an archery Arizona javelina. Photo credit: Seth Webb

If you’ve been researching Arizona this summer, you might have noticed some enhancements to Insider. Back in early June, we released more research data to GOHUNT Insider! Now you’ll have access to Arizona turkey (including Goulds), and javelina Draw Odds, plus harvest data, season dates, and more in Filtering 2.0 and our Unit Profiles.

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Remember that the application deadline for 2024 spring hunts for turkey, javelina, and bison is October 3 at 11:59 p.m. Arizona time. This includes purchasing points.

You can apply online here.

A few notable changes:

  • Draw tags for javelina hunts were dropped for all of Unit 9 (spring Seasons) and have now gone to an archery-only non-permit tag
  • Newly designated yearling bison hunt in Units 5A and 5BN, 5BS

Access Draw Odds here Access Filtering 2.0 here


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