All new membership from GOHUNT — maps only offering!

At GOHUNT, we never put the brakes on innovation.

That’s why we’re excited to announce the launch of our new standalone maps membership. Explorer is a new way to experience the most innovative maps on the market, whether you need them on your phone or desktop.

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Our continual drive to innovation led us to build maps to solve problems that hunters face. We're not a mapping company; we're a hunting company. Our maps have more features, and more importantly, more features that specifically address all the challenges hunters face. We’re the only maps product that is built for the vast needs of hunters.

Plus... with Explorer you get some additional tools that will make your life so much easier.

What do you get with Explorer?

Again, with Explorer you get our full set of mapping tools in a standalone package, but the benefits don’t stop there. We have what you expect in a hunting map. Of course we have public/private land boundaries, but we have much more!

We don’t believe in single state offering. Hunters shouldn’t have to pick a state when they use a hunting map, which is why users get access to maps for every state we currently cover, and you’ll immediately have access to every state as they’re added. We’re committed to adding all 50 states well before the 2022 hunting season. We want you to experience hunting in different states, and not to let your map limit where you can hunt.

We believe in pursuing greater adventures and want you to hunt more. Whether you're a whitetail hunter, a turkey hunter, an elk hunter, or hunt other species, we want everyone to have access to powerful, well-crafted hunting maps.

New membership benefits:

  • Cost: $49.99 per year
  • All states we currently cover are included
    • All 50 states map coverage will be live well before the 2022 hunting season!
  • Access to real interactive 3D maps on the web version and on the mobile app
    • Dive into all the immersive/interactive 3D maps that will show you in full detail how the terrain looks like in the unit you’re hunting so you’ll be more confident on your next hunt.
  • Public/private land boundaries
    • Our maps are so much more than just public/private. You’ll also be able to take your maps offline with downloadable maps for in-the-field navigation you can rely on.
  • The most innovative topographical map in the industry!
  • Offline downloadable maps for when you don't have cell service
  • Getting started is super easy. Have your waypoints somewhere else? See how easy it is to transfer your waypoints from other sources here
  • Access to maps on the web
  • Bonus & Preference Point Tracker
  • Gear Shop Rewards

However you want to use maps, we have you covered.

Download GOHUNT Maps here

More than just maps

Explorer subscribers don’t just get maps catered to the needs of hunters; we also want to ensure you can track where you’re going to hunt, and get gear into your hands for less.

With this new membership, we continue to provide the tools you need to succeed on your next hunt.

Getting started is super easy. Have your waypoints somewhere else? See how easy it is to transfer your waypoints from our sources here

Be confident in your plan when you use GOHUNT’s map offering. Whether you're an Explorer or Insider member, you get access to the best maps in the industry! The innovation doesn't stop here.

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