A fresh new look at GOHUNT

You might notice GOHUNT looks a little different these days. I want to take a minute to talk about why we did this, and what our plan for the future is.

We started out to build a hunting community, and serve the needs of hunters across the West. Over the last eight years, we’ve expanded what we provide to that community to include research tools, maps, a gear shop, and more. We’re always looking to serve the needs of hunters, and create new and innovative solutions to the challenges we face. That’s not going to change, ever.

Watch our Understanding video below:

As we’ve grown with our community, though, we’ve seen the need to show what we do in a more mature way, a way that reflects the level of effort and dedication we put into everything we do. We always start with putting our customers and community first and working backward from there. That led us to redesign our website to allow you to find information more easily and better access the articles, videos, strategies, and information we create.  That led to a new color scheme that allows us to better organize information for you. And in the end, it led to a new evolution of our logo to emphasize what we want everyone to do: go hunt.

The colors, logo, and design are new, but our DNA is not changing. We will always be a hunting company, first and foremost. This is only the beginning - you’ll see a continual evolution of GOHUNT, always with one thing above all: Creating innovative solutions to the challenges hunters face. We’re excited to continue on this journey with you. See you in the backcountry.


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