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ALERT: Montana 2018 Bonus and Preference Point Deadline Approaching

2018 Montana points deadline

If you missed applying in Montana during the main draw, here's your last chance to pick up points.

In Montana, every hunter who applies for a special license through a big game drawing can participate in the bonus point system for an extra fee. Montana changed their system in 2017 to allow individuals who missed the deadline to now purchase bonus points. Also, if you are new to applying in Montana, you can simply create an account, acquire your ALS number and then purchase points for all species.

The points period for bonus and preference points is July 1 - September 30.

You can purchase a bonus point here.

The difference between bonus and preference points

Bonus points

Bonus points are for the special draw hunt districts for deer, elk, antelope, moose, sheep, mountain goat.

Resident & nonresident bonus point fees

Bighorn sheep$15$75
Mountain goat$15$75

Preference points

Preference points are for nonresidents only and are valid for general season big game, deer or elk combination licenses. You can see the available hunt districts you can hunt on a general tag on Filtering 2.0.

Preference points can be purchased:

  • At the time of application for the nonresident combination license.
  • Or between July 1 and September 30 for individuals who did not apply for a nonresident combination license.

Note: You must apply for the nonresident combination license the following year, or this point will be lost.

Nonresident preference point fee

Nonresident Combination License
Preference Point

Note: This system doesn't allow an additional opportunity to gain two bonus/preference points for a species in the same year.

How to purchase bonus and preference points in Montana

You can purchase bonus/preference points online here or at any FWP license provider.

How to purchase Montana hunting bonus and preference points

Once you log into to your account, you'll see this screen.
Screenshot of Montana bonus points application page

Next, you can select the bonus points you want to purchase.
Montana preference point purchase for nonresident general tags

And finally, if you're a nonresident, you can purchase a preference point.


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