Congratulations Joel Kane - 4 Weeks 4 Tags Winner

Congrats Joel

Big congratulations to Joel Kane who is our 4 Weeks 4 Tags week 1 winner.

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Joel Kane

Our winner last week was Joel, and we asked him a few questions over the weekend to learn about his plans for the upcoming hunt — a Colorado Unit 75 archery mule deer.

goHUNT: Have you ever hunted this unit before, or similar?
Joel Kane: No, I have not hunted this unit. I did, however, hunt units 80 and 81 for elk in 2009, and I found them to be way over-saturated by out-of-state OTC hunters.

GH: Are you going alone or bringing someone with you?
JK:  I will be going solo on this trip.

GH: How will you prepare?
JK: As a retired soldier, I try to keep physically active by riding a mountain bike as often as possible, doing CrossFit, and my job as a freight train conductor usually makes me walk 4 to 8 miles per shift. I enjoy shooting my bow more than hunting with it, so I keep it well tuned and shoot as often as possible to keep in good practice throughout the year out to 50 yards. I imagine that will increase even more over the next couple of weeks. I plan on using my mountain bike to cover as ground as possible since I will have a short period of time in which to hunt. I have purchased maps from BLM and have a onXmaps GPS chip for my Garmin. Additionally, the Hunt Atlas on the CPW website provides a great deal of useful information about each GMU.

GH: Do you plan on taking pictures?
JK: Yes, photography is a passion of mine. I recently bought a camera drone for my GoPro cameras so I looking forward to trying it out in the mountains.

We’ve asked Joel to take lots of photographs and tell us about his hunt after it is complete, so look for a possible HUNT story from him this fall.

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