Can you score? - Week 2 winner

Can you score? - Week 2 winner

Congratulations to our week 2 winner, Brady Frude who was only off by 1/8 inch with a guess of 324 7/8"! The actual typical B&C gross score was 325 0/8". Below is the official contest score sheet. 

Can you score? - Week 2 score sheet

We will be giving a goHUNT hat to Roy Chitwood, Ed Woolstenhulme and Brady Maw who were also 1/8" off but submitted their guesses after Brady Frude. 

We had a total of 411 guesses on this great bull elk. You can view all of the scores and review the elk photos here.

Brady Frude will receive a KUIU ICON 1850 pack with suspension (Vias Camo or Major Brown Solid) for guessing correctly this week. 


KUIU 1850 pack

Big thanks to everyone who participated. Our next animal will be posted this Thursday (July 24th) at noon which will be a coues deer. The winner of week three will receive a KUIU ICON 5200 full kit backpack (Verde Camo)

Full contest details can be found here.


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