What to do if you fall from a treestand

If you fall from a treestand and you are properly using a FAS/FBH, remember your 3 R’s: Rescue, Relief and Recover.

Ideally, you should hunt with a buddy so you can help each other if an emergency situation occurs. However, if you do hunt alone and need to be rescued, someone needs to know where you are and how to find you. Before you go into the woods, you should always let others know your exact hunting location, where your treestand is located, when you plan to return, and the names of anyone who is with you. 

Always carry an emergency signal device on your person at all times in case of emergency so that you can contact someone to get rescued. Emergency signal devices can be any of the following:

  • Two-way radio
  • Cell phone
  • Personal locator device
  • Whistle


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