How to determine your dominant eye

The dominant eye is the eye that looks directly at an object, a crucial factor for accurate shooting performance. The non-dominant eye looks at the same object at a slight angle. Depth perception is the result between the two. The small angular difference between the dominant eye and the non-dominant eye is what allows a hunter to judge the distance to a target or game animal. 

When shooting, a firearm should always be shouldered on the side of the hunter's dominant eye. However, being right or left handed does not always determine if you are right- or left-eye dominant. Here’s how to find your dominant eye: 

Find your dominant eye

  • Step 1. Make a small triangle with your hands with your thumbs and the top half of your fingers overlapping.
  • Step 2. Extend your out arms towards the target.
  • Step 3. Look through the triangle at the target.
  • Step 4. Keep both eyes open.
  • Step 5. Move your hands back to your face while looking at the target through the triangle of your hands.
  • Step 6. Whichever eye your hand moves to is your dominant eye.

IMPORTANT! If you are a beginner, shoot on the same side as your dominant eye, even if your strong hand is on the other side.


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