Kody Smith

Kody Smith

As the Outfitter and Tag Manager,  Kody will be working closely with outfitters to develop a seamless process that connects goHUNT users directly with guides and outfitters. He will also lend his talents to expand our landowner tag program to ensure goHUNT offers the biggest selection of landowner tags in the West. 

With more than fifteen years of sales experience, Kody has both experience and expertise when it comes to understanding what customers both want and need. 

Before joining goHUNT, Kody held positions at Staples and Document Solutions Plus, where he created and managed programs for large corporate customers. 

Though his wife maintains he is certifiably obsessed with all-things-hunting, she loves him all the same … even if he has a hard time talking about anything other than his next hunting opportunity. 

Kody is a passionate person who believes in the power of setting goals and of putting in the hard work to achieve success. 

Kody loves to set realistic goals prior to his hunts. With a goal in mind this allows him to enjoy his hunts and feel a sense of accomplishment. Goals are not always around harvesting an animal. If in a new area, the goal may be to learn an area for future hunts. Kody especially enjoys challenging DIY hunts that he plans with his friends or family and finds himself gravitating to the underdog situations that make success all the sweeter.