Jared Pierce

Jared Pierce

Associate Buyer & Gear Expert

As Associate Buyer & Gear Expert at goHUNT, Jared oversees the optimization of the Gear Shop and its daily operations. In addition, Jared is in charge of footwear and bringing the highest quality boots into the Gear Shop.

His 21 years of service to the nation in the Air Force, along with his dedication to spend countless days in the field, has made him uniquely prepared to serve the hunting public in his role at goHUNT.

Jared grew up in Utah hunting deer and elk but has since become a passionate archery elk hunter. He also spends his time pursuing whitetail and mule deer, along with Oryx, Barbary Sheep, and anything else to spend time outdoors.

In his free time, he enjoys spending quality outdoor time with his family whether it be horseback riding, hunting, fishing, camping, or rock crawling.