Hannah Kycek

Hannah Kycek

Born and raised in the Pacific Northwest I was immersed in the dense rainforest region of Washington state since before I can remember. Upon receiving my hunters’ education at age 12, I bagged my first buck, a spike, within an hour of opening day.

I had never felt my heart thud and pound with such immense force before due to the adrenaline rushing through my body. That moment solidified I was a hunter and fused my soul with the outdoors.

I am a public land/DIY/fair chase hunter and plan to remain so until I hunt in a place that requires a guide’s assistance. I am primarily a big game/waterfowl hunter, but looking forward to taking on upland game birds upon the purchase of a wirehaired four-legged friend.

I am a also a long range rifle fanatic, but recently got into archery, something I have enjoyed far more than anticipated. Many of my hunts are the result of over-the-counter draws and special permits. I put in for Washington, Colorado, Wyoming, and most recently Utah. There is nothing more exciting than putting in for a chance of adventure in land you have only dreamed of stepping on.

I graduate from the University of Idaho in May of 2016 and plan to reside in Northern Idaho. I will remain active in the hunting industry anyway I can, and plan to live by my pen and degree by focusing on news within the industry.